Shinjite sono sakie to
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They seem happy. Happy to see you.

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Source: アオハライド | たうら [pixiv] 
My new shoujo crush…


Source: アオハライド | たうら [pixiv] 

My new shoujo crush…

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Ao Haru Ride Anime PV
Ao Haru Ride Anime PV
NARUTO chapter 674 : Naruto & Sasuke vs Madara

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陽だまりの彼女: Kosuke reminisces about his night with Mao

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ouran gif meme: tamaharu + tickles my pickle (funny moments)
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Arya Stark/The Lion King parallels

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Lust: I lost.

It’s a shame, but it doesn’t feel to bad to be killed by a man like you. With honest eyes and no hesitation.

I can’t wait, for the days when those eyes will show anguish…those days…are close…

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When the alien gets drunk over love…

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Additional pictures of Kim Soo Hyun for Calvin Klein Jeans  > (View More)